Personalized Brain Stimulation (PBS)

Brain Stimulation Therapy

The use of EEG and ECG to guide rTMS or Theta-Burst TMS therapy has become more popular in the last few years. We have been teaching and applying this guided approach for over 10 years.

What makes our approach even more effective is the additional medical care of the enteric nervous system (the 2nd Brain) and a correctly balanced hormone system (not just an overdose of testosterone pellets).

Further, we integrate hormone and gut health with both brain stimulation and brain modulation. These two categories of brain region targeting are different but synergistic. They require the individualized and selective use of brain computer interface therapy, transcranial brain stimulation, theta burst stimulation, and direct current stimulation, autonomic nervous system training, and audio-visual entrainment.

Personalized Brain Stimulation Applications

Personalized Brain Stimulation has application for depression, PTSD, tinnitus, pain, memory loss, inattention conditions, and others still experimental but supported by medical research.

Visit 1:

  • Extended Medical Review
  • Blood Tests
  • Genetic Testing
  • Urine Hormone Panel
  • Brain Mapping (EEG, ECG, ERP)
  • Brain Function Testing

Visit 2:

  • Review Test Results
  • GI Function Repair Protocol
  • Start Brain Stimulation & Modulation

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